Discover Our Story


when we first started our journey

Seven Spices has deep roots in the development, production as well as marketing of a wide range of seeds, spices, herbs and agricultural commodities. Our history began in 1955, when the Bawadekji family started their business in Aleppo, Syria as a family growing business. Along the decades, the results were so positive that the business has expanded to Turkey and Egypt. AL TAHUNA, our sister company is currently, one of the most famous corporations in Syria and Turkey specialized in importing, exporting and marketing a wide range of natural products.


what we aim to achieve locally and globally

To expand our business by exporting seeds ,herbs and spices all over the world .Thus becoming one of the famous market leaders in the field of agricultural commodities .In the coming few years, we aim to provide small packs for home usage


what we aim to achieve locally and globally

Our key strength lies in commitment. As quality and customer services are on top of our priorities ,delivering best products in terms of quality and price is our main goal .By providing a wide range of high quality products with a competent price.